About ME - how it Began

My Name is Elaine Blades-Jordan, im 40 years old, Married, with two kids (they both came with the husband) & one cat. In November 2015 i contracted a virus in my inner ear known as Labyrinthitis & Vestibular neuritis. This made me very poorly and quite literally turned my world upside down . I was unable to continue in my full time job, I lost my social life & confidence.


However I have always liked taking pictures and I have also always been a very keen sports women. I enjoy swimming, cycling, running, triathlon & rock climbing. Infact I love the great outdoors. I also adore animals & pets and these hobbies helped me through this difficult period.


My Passion for photography developed alongside my interests. Being outside & taking pictures helped me regain some confidence & re adapt to my new environment


So they say "Life Begins at 40 ", and well due to my condition thats what im doing - "starting again"


I hope you enjoy looking at my photographs as much as i love taking them.


Elaine Blades-Jordan

Free Lance Photography


My husband sometimes assist me too !